• Product Centers

    • Oxygen Plant

      The oxygen machine system is suitable for bedside oxygen supply in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient communities, bars, beauty salons, bath centers, oxygen bars and high altitude areas, as well as dispersed oxygen supply in the room. The medical oxygen machine system is 1-50 cubic meters selectable to fully meet the oxygen needs of different places!

    • Central air supply system

      The central air supply system includes medical center oxygen supply system, medical center suction system, compressed air system, etc., which is mainly suitable for hospitals, outpatients, nursing homes and so on.

    • Laboratory purification

      The purification and cleaning project is suitable for operating rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, nucleic acid testing rooms, food processing workshops, mask factories, cosmetics factories and other projects with certain cleaning requirements.

    • Radiation protection engineering

      Service object: ionizing radiation site;Radiological diagnosis: X-ray, radiography, tomography, dental, X-ray machine, CT protection;Radiotherapy: simulator, afterloading machine, 60Co therapy machine, accelerator, X proton knife gamma knife protection;Interventional radiology: angiocardiography, interventional therapy and protection;Nuclear medicine: protection in gamma scintillation cameras, ECT, PET and radionuclide therapy;Other disciplines: in vitro lithotripsy, bone mineral density measurement, X-ray diffractometer protection;Industrial flaw detection: X-ray flaw detection machine, gamma-ray flaw detection machine, linear accelerator protection.

    • Sewage treatment project

      The buried sewage treatment equipment is suitable for organic sewage treatment in residential areas, hospital sanatoriums, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, *, schools, troops, aquatic products processing plants, livestock storage processing plants, dairy processing plants and other industries.

    • Purification and disinfection equipment

      Application: mainly used in air sterilizer in hospital operating room, delivery room, baby room, premature room, aseptic area of supply room, burn ward, intensive care unit and general ward.

    • Mobile shelter PCR Laboratory

      Container laboratory is a relatively new building system, which is transformed from traditional containers and is the value-added utilization of containers. It is characterized by flexible transshipment, very strong, and can withstand great pressure.


    About Lixin

    Hebei Lixin Medical Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, located in No. 21, 11 District, Hengshui City, Hebei ···


    Our Strengths

    Honorary Certificate

    The company has obtained a number of qualification certificates, and has passed ISO9001, ISO13485, GB/T50430, GB/T28001 and other system certifications


    News Center


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